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Independent Travel For Language Learning

independent travel for learning a second language

Most people who have been abroad or at least come into contact with a ‘foreigner’ will agree that travelling to a foreign country is a good way to learn a language–providing of course that the language is spoken in the destination of choice. I would go one step further, putting ...

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10 Tips For Learning a Language

tips for learning a foreign language

The best way to learn a language is, without a doubt, living in the country of the language that you are trying to learn, especially if English is not so well known there. This of course is not always an option, and for most people a self study home course ...

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Second Language Benefits

second language benefits

  Are There any Second Language Benefits? Let’s face it, everybody knows there are advantages to learning a second language. The problem is many English speaking people believe that there is no need to learn another language. It is certainly true that many people can get by with knowing only ...

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